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ProductMentor™ Is Looking To Partner With Promising Inventors and Entrepreneurs

Finding the right company to help you launch your new Product or App can be overwhelming..

Which is why we form Partnerships - to produce an environment where our success is your success.

This is how our process works... 


How We Compare


Three Options To Go To Market

The First Option to go to market is expensive and high risk, which involves manufacturing a product or developing an app BEFORE you sell it. This is generally what people do when they try the "Do-It-Yourself" approach. You can never be 100% sure something will sell or not, especially the original concept, which is why we do not suggest this first option.
The Second Option to go to market is trusting an Invention Help Company to land you a licensing deal. This model can best be described as "Done-For-You", with the expectation that someone else will somehow make you successful. Licensing deals are extremely rare when you patent and market your invention to a large company without first proving demand with pre-sales or sales.
The Third Option, or "new way" to go to market is to sell your product or app BEFORE you make it, which reduces your time, money, and risk. Some refer to this as a "soft launch". ProductMentor can partner with you and complete every step with you during your pre-launch, which is why our model is best described as "Done-With-You". This option is designed to equip you to manage your business perpetually once you are post-launch.
Using an evidence-based approach (surveys) and by selling your product before you make it, you have the best chance for success. Leverage your pre-orders or purchase orders to attract a licensing deal, or use the money to do a traditional launch and manufacture the product (or develop the app).


 About Us

What is it worth to condense time? Avoid trial and error? Get introduced to the right industry contacts? Have piece of mind that you're doing everything correct? Some would say priceless.
We're here to help you design and execute a business that you love. We can partner with you at any stage and create a customized plan specifically for you and your project.
We assist with everything, from A to Z, to accelerate you to market. A short list of what we help with includes:
Patents, Trademarks, Prototypes, Product Development, App Development, Engineering, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Tooling, Logistics, Wire Frames, Packaging, Website, Elevator Pitch, Brochures, Marketing, E-Commerce, Trade Shows, Industry Contacts, Pre-Orders, Purchase Orders, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencers, Retail Sales, Pitch Decks, Angel Investors, and more! 
Our mission is to empower ordinary people to live the American Dream. The end goal is to transform you into a world-class entrepreneur that knows 'how to fish', so that you control your success. 


About You

At the end of the day, success is up to you. Never rely on another company to make you successful - it doesn't happen. To be successful, you have to learn how to run your company. 
Our biggest challenge is finding people that are determined to live the American Dream. Are you committed to achieving your goals? 
If you said "Yes", let’s take a look at your breakthrough idea, product, or app. We will potentially partner with you to license or launch your project, but first, we need to take you through our qualification process below.


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