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Mike Corradini - Founder & CEO 

"I believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us. My mission is to empower everyday people to become successful entrepreneurs." -M.C.

Mike is a highly sought-after startup mentor and consultant. He is also a 4th generation entrepreneur and for the past 20+ years Mike has dedicated his life to the art of entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched numerous eight figure businesses, developed two private companies that achieved Inc. 500 status, and has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs develop, fund, and grow their businesses. 

He has launched a multitude of successful business ventures from product development, to financial lead generation, real estate investing, international seminars, and a brokerage. Much of his success can be attributed to having mentors throughout his life to show him what to do and what to avoid.

As the co-founder and former CEO of IdeaPros®, Mike had unprecedented access to study those that achieved massive results. Mike and his team managed over 250 startups so he teaches based on experience, not theory. Success leaves clues and ProductMentor™ is his opportunity to pay forward the enormous experience and contacts he has collected.    

Mike developed two private companies that achieved Inc. 500 status.  

As a former director at the Los Angeles World Trade Center, Mike helped entrepreneurs source raw materials globally for their products. 

Mike received his B.S. in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, minored in economics, and graduated from the Lloyd Greif School of Entrepreneurship.  


Stephen J. Ritch - Chief Merchandising Officer  

Steve started his education at Boston University Questrom School of Business as an Accounting major. He was mentored by some of the leading retailers in the USA and worked directly for Michael Gould (CEO at Bloomingdales), Bob Mettler (CEO at Sear’s), Mike Steinberg (CEO Macy’s San Francisco), and Hank Kaminstein (CEO at Brookstone & Filene’s). Steve learned from these strategic corporate entrepreneurs how to develop his instincts to be a passionate, innovative merchant in Retail & Wholesale. 

His retail & wholesale background with Brookstone, Office Depot, Frontgate, and Jobar has advanced his skills in product development, global sourcing, marketing, and financial budgeting. Steve’s products have become ASOTV \ DRTV products through Telebrands (BulbHead) and Emson (Bell & Howell) and sold in key retailers nationwide. 

Products Developed, Launched, or Merchandised:

Tempur-Pedic Pillows & Mattress Topper · Sonicare Toothbrush · Color Coded Blood Pressure Monitor · Stackable Non-Spill Ice Cube Tray · Thermoscan 1st Instant Ear Thermometer · Tanita 1st Body Fat Scale · Margaritaville Blender · Pizza Heating Tray · Air Popcorn Container · FaceLyft Wrinkle Pillow · Sound Soother White Noise Machines · Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer · AeroBed Instant Mattress · Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser · Thumper 1st Percussion Massager · Anti-Ant Pet bowl · Non-Pulling Dog Leash · Fabric Chair Protective Booties · 1st Shiatsu Massager · Relaxor Massing Seat Cushion · Sky Lite Laser Light · Star Shower Xmas Laser Home Lights · Panasonic Wet/Dry Nose Hair Trimmer · Readrest Magnetic Eyeglass Holder  · Skagen Watches · Sasquatch Pet bed · Kool-Down Evaporative Fan

Steve’s new personal passion in life is to mentor inventors and entrepreneurs as the Master Product Mentor to help Develop, Launch, & Market new innovative products with a training process and global connections gained from his vast experience. 


Kody Knighton - Chief Operating Officer 

At the age of 10, Kody's spark for entrepreneurship began. His parents led by example, starting many different ventures for Kody to gain valuable experience through. The ventures were varied, covering everything from Entertainment, Restaurants, Real Estate, Automotive, and Investment & Consumer Loans.  

Over the span of the last 20+ years, Kody has specialized in various types of Business Consulting. From real estate investing with Dean Street, to real estate flipping with Roger Neal, Kody has transacted tens of millions of dollars in business and has enjoyed providing entrepreneurs the support and guidance to realize their goals.  

Kody enjoys helping startups as well as experienced entrepreneurs to take the critical steps necessary to advance their businesses and careers. He consistently ranks at the top in regards to helpfulness and dedication to his craft of helping others. 

Kody enjoys many artistic areas like writing, producing, recording, performing music, drawing, and painting. He also loves Corvettes, Snowmobiling, Snowboarding, Boating, Scuba Diving, and ATVs.

Kody is convinced that the real gift of charity is to the one who gives and helps others with no expectation of return. "Uplifting others is the most profound & rewarding natural high there is" - Kody Knighton 


Adrian Hagerty - Head of Joint Ventures 

Adrian attended Gulf Coast University where he began his first successful small business. After a couple of years, he ventured into credit repair and began his journey helping people. Helping consumers and entrepreneurs get their credit score up 100+ points and enabling them to move forward was extremely rewarding to Adrian.

He spent the next 5 years focusing on the online marketplace and E-commerce industry. After helping thousands of first time and serial entrepreneurs start their own online businesses, he was able to develop a network of resources and realized he could share them with first time business owners to help them get a leg up on the competition.

He lives to watch the light bulb click for a new entrepreneur and helping that individual take action towards their dream. He firmly believes that it takes a special type of person to become a successful entrepreneur and seeks to find those rare individuals that possess the intangible quality required.


Eshan Cheema - Chief Technical Officer 

Eshan has worked with 300+ app startups, helping with everything from idea refinement, wireframing, branding, prototyping, UI/UX, graphic design, crowdfunding, app development, web development, and digital marketing. 

His specialty is creating and managing high performance best-in-class software products by leading and guiding large development teams in India. Eshan is well versed in planning, managing, and executing innovations and new technologies.

His passion for app design and development can be seen in the perfection of his work. His mission is to aim high, work harder, and achieve more. 


Angela DiCarlo - Director of Marketing 

Angela has helped grow many businesses over the years, taught hundreds of workshops, hosted radio shows, worked in TV for many years, and managed ten dollar and multi-million dollar marketing programs with highly successful ROI.

At Southwestern Consulting, she led Marketing and PR efforts to gain notoriety for Sales Training Company selected for Nashville Business Journal Small Business of Year. At SWC, they practice what they preach and help others achieve personal and professional goals.

As co-founder of Life Enhancer kid's fitness programs in 2004, she helped thousands of children learn to exercise, meditate and thrive. Co-founding a gluten-free organic health food line, Angela learned a lot about the trials and tribulations of start-ups in an unknown market. 

Specialties: Pro$perity Magnification, Sales Training, Motivational Training, Workshops, Time Management, Sales Follow Up, Closing Techniques, Author, Marketing, Social Media, Creating solid ROI, Business Coach, Hypnosis, Reiki, Yoga, Consultant, Nutrition, youth education, kid's fitness, vision boards.


Sue Corder - Relationship Manager 


Derek Pifer - Senior Business Advisor 


Michael Parker - Business Advisor 


Justin Medlin - Business Advisor 


Becky Benson - Business Advisor 


Joe Kalafat - Business Advisor 


Damien Jenkins - Business Advisor 


David Higgins - Business Advisor 


Justin Bermudez - Business Advisor 



Scooby - Human Resources




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