Frequently Asked Questions

When you apply, we send you a Non Disclosure Agreement automatically. Here is it in case you need it. 

We review hundreds of applications a month - we would never risk our reputation over one idea. While we can't guarantee that we will accept you or your project, we do guarantee that everything you submit to us will always be treated with absolute confidentiality.

In our experience, companies only buy products that have revenue.  Ideas lack sales and thus, there is nothing to base a valuation on. 

We potentially can, but it's important to understand that we take a totally different approach than invention help companies that simply "shop your patent".

In our experience, licensing does not work unless you have committed orders or sales.

Put another way, if you were a large company, who would you give a licensing deal to: Someone with a patent and a pretty sales sheet, or someone who has sales?

We help you develop your product and get it launched onto the market so you can prove demand. Your odds of landing a licensing deal become much higher when you have committed orders or sales.

Would you like to condense time? Avoid trial and error? Get introduced to the right industry contacts? Have piece of mind that you're doing everything correct?

Would you like to have a team of experts in your corner with decades of collective experience to propel you to market in less time, with less money, and with less risk?

If you said "Yes", then apply today and let's talk.

We help you design and execute a business that you love. We can partner with you at any stage and create a customized plan specifically for you and your project. We will reduce your upfront costs significantly and give you the best chance of success using our trade secrets and industry connections. 

We assist with everything, including: 

Concept Refinement, Industrial Designs, Drawings, Wire Frames, Spec Sheet, Tech Pack, IT Development, CAD Drawings, Prototype, App Demo, App Development, Source the Best Factory in our network, Professional Vendor Quote, Tooling, Off Tool Sample, Pre-Production QA Testing, Production QA Testing, Logistics Partner to Pay Tariff, Clear Customs, Freight to our Fulfillment Warehouse Partner, Send samples to Nationwide Retail Buyers, Learn How to Pitch your Product, Sell at ProductMentor National Trade Show Booth, Create Marketing Strategy with Brand Name, Professional Logo, Competitive Research & Strategic Channels, Email Formats to Retail Buyers, Website Design, Product Photography, Product Packaging, B2B Product Sales Brochure, Elevator Pitch, Pitch Deck to Raise Funding, Launch Checklist, Retail Terminology (to sound like a pro), Strategic Pricing from Wholesale, MSRP, MAP Pricing, Realistic Timeline, Realistic Guerilla Marketing Budget to work within your funds, Inventory Forecast Planning, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, ROI, Pre-Orders, PPC, SEO, AdWords, Affiliate Marketing, Influencers, Regulatory Standards, Guidelines for Patents & Trademarks, Assortment Extensions, Product Life Cycle & Generation II.
  • A unique product or app that has the potential to capture significant market share
  • A burning desire to get your idea to market, with or without us
  • Ability and willingness to invest in yourself
  • A minority revenue share to us from the revenue we create together
  • Both you and your project must be approved by our team

Great question! You really aren't.

You are providing a financial contribution to help defray part of the hard costs we incur to pay our staff over the next 12+ months.

With or without us, it's going to take money. Unfortunately, there's no way around that.  The money you would waste making mistakes and losing time will far exceed your financial contribution to us.

Once you reach $250,000 in revenue, we credit you back your original contribution. Our focus is creating long term revenue share with you.

We put something in that's more valuable than money - our experience, expertise, and connections.

Capital is a commodity. What is it worth to partner with a team that's already done everything you're trying to do?

With only so many hours in the day, we want to invest our limited time into people and projects that will produce the biggest revenue share and win-win on the back end.

We work with companies who's job is to help you get funding. They can potentially get you up to $100,000 with an introductory rate of 0%. In most cases, you need a 680+ credit score to qualify. 

Click here to apply. 

We primarily focus on physical products and mobile apps. Sometimes we get involved with other types of projects on a case-by-case basis.

If a company promises they will make you successful, I would run.

No one can make you successful. Similar to a gym membership, the success rate depends on you.

We provide a proven process, the tools, and industry contacts that have created over $5B in sales so that you can copy what already works.

The more you engage with ProductMentor, the higher the success rate tends to be. Just like going to the gym, what you put in is what you get out.

When you understand that success is up to you, you become empowered. It's this very sense of control over one's life that creates the desire to be your own boss.

Check out our Portfolio to see what follow through looks like.


Yes! You don't need to know anything or have any prior experience. We have you covered!

See What We Do.

Yes! Most of what we help with involves advanced strategies, methods, and industry contacts that most people don't know.

Check out Our Partner Network on the What We Do page to see the categories and steps we can potentially help you with.

We understand - most people have time constraints. It's all about using leverage

Everyone is limited by 24 hours in a day, which is why we share our trusted contacts with you.

You can simply delegate and outsource the work that you don't have the time or expertise to do yourself. That's what we do :)

At this time, we work with startups in United States and Canada. 

Shark Tank will only consider people who have a finished product and/or sales. Plus, the waiting list can take multiple years to even be considered. ProductMentor can help at any stage in the process, even if all you have is a concept. Plus, you can speak to us today! 😉

Unlike other companies that want an equity share in your business, we are simply looking for some revenue share. The percentage is typically between 7 to 10% of gross revenue. 

By taking a gross revenue approach, we don't need to review any of your expenses or take time to conduct unnecessary forensic audits. It's simpler for us, and more private for you.

Yes! We have a Launch Guarantee and a Performance Rebate.

Launch Guarantee:

If you complete our entire Product Launch online program and haven't generated pre-orders, purchase orders, or sales, we will continue to support you until you do, even if our agreement has expired. Our proven program must be completed entirely and to the best of your ability to qualify for the guarantee.

Performance Rebate:

Upon generating $250,000 in gross revenue, you will earn a one-time rebate of your original capital contribution amount against the revenue share owed to us at that time. You must provide documentation, such as bank statements, to qualify.


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