Frequently Asked Questions

Look at us as your project architect. We will design a custom plan to validate or pivot your idea and allow your customer to finance your launch.

We are the most complete startup partner that we are aware of, and we help you with everything, including: 

Patents, Trademarks, Prototypes, Product Development, App Development, Engineering, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Co-Packing, Tooling, Logistics, Wire Frames, Packaging, Website, Elevator Pitch, Brochures, Marketing, E-Commerce, Trade Shows, Industry Contacts, Pre-Orders, Purchase Orders, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencers, Retail Sales, Pitch Decks, Angel Investors, and more!

Because you will have a top-notch team of experts in your corner that span every specialty that you could possibly need.

Plus, over 100 years of collective entrepreneurial experience will be at your side to propel you to market in less time, with less money, and with less risk.

  • A unique product or app that has the potential to capture significant market share
  • A burning desire to get your idea to market, with or without us
  • Ability and willingness to invest in yourself
  • A minority revenue share to us from the revenue we create together
  • Both you and your project must be approved by our team

That's exactly what we advocate!

When a customer "Pre-Orders" your product or app, it doesn't exist yet. They are buying an "idea".

It only becomes a real product after you generate enough pre-orders to meet the minimum order quantity that your manufacturer requires (or to pay your app development company).

This way, you don't need to keep a warehouse full of inventory with a product you're not sure people will even buy. You also don't need to develop an app upfront when you aren't sure people will even download it.

This is something you don't need to worry about when dealing with a reputable company. With that said, we understand it’s still a concern for some. So, when you submit your idea to ProductMentor, our Confidentiality Agreement is automatically activated on your behalf.

We review hundreds of applications a month - we would never risk our reputation over one idea. While we can't guarantee that we will accept you or your project, we do guarantee that everything you submit to us will always be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Shark Tank will only consider people who have a finished product and/or sales. Plus, the waiting list can take multiple years to even be considered. ProductMentor can help at any stage in the process, even if all you have is a concept. Plus, you can speak to us today! 😉

We potentially can, but it's important to understand that we take a totally different approach than invention help companies that take the "shop your patent" approach.

Your odds of landing a licensing deal become much higher when your product has been designed with an evidence-based approach and proven with pre-orders or sales first. That is the approach we take.

Let's put it this way.. if you were a large company, who would you give a licensing deal to - someone with a patent or someone that's proven demand with pre-orders or sales?

The best part about pre-selling your product or app with pre-orders or purchase orders is that the customer funds the development and launch.

All startups take money, but if you're doing most of the work yourself, you can typically get by with as little as $3-5k in hard costs if your project is simple, $5-10k if it's mechanical or an app, and $10-15k if it's electrical or complex. With that said, the more you put into your project, the better it will turn out.

We put in something much more valuable - time, energy, and experience.

We can cut your upfront costs in half and give you the best chance of success using our trade secrets and connections. 

We primarily focus on physical products and mobile apps. Sometimes we get involved with other types of projects on a case-by-case basis.

Yes! We have a Launch Guarantee and a Money Back Guarantee.

Launch Guarantee:

If you complete the entire Product Launch 2.0 online launch program and haven't generated pre-orders, purchase orders, and/or sales, we will continue to support you until you do, even if our agreement has expired. Our proven program must be completed to the best of your ability to qualify for the guarantee.

Money Back Guarantee:

Upon generating $250,000 in revenue, you will earn a one-time credit of your original contribution amount against the revenue share owed to us at that time. You must provide documentation, such as bank statements, to qualify.

Unlike other companies that want an equity share in your business, we are simply looking for some revenue share. The percentage is based on the gross revenue we help you create. 

By taking this approach, we don't need to review any of your expenses or take time to conduct unnecessary forensic audits. It's simpler for us, and more private for you.


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