What We Do 

ProductMentor is a One Stop Shop for Inventors and Entrepreneurs to Take Products & Apps to Market

 Finding the right company to help you launch your Product or App can be overwhelming..


Which is why we form Partnerships - to produce an environment where your success is our success.


Partnering with ProductMentor can reduce your time and investment up to 80%. To facilitate this, we request a modest 7-10% of revenue and skin in the game on your part to help defray some of our overhead.


(Believe it or not, the below is ONLY A TEASER of some of the things our Partner Network can help you with)


Partner Network 


We Work Directly With You On EVERY STEP

Concept, Industrial Designs, Drawings, Wire Frames, Spec Sheet, Tech Pack, IT Development, CAD Drawings, Prototype, Minimum Viable Product, App Demo, App Development, Source a Factory, Professional Vendor Quote, Tooling, Off Tool Sample, Pre-Production QA Testing, Production QA Testing, Logistics Partner, Cal Prop 65 Compliance, ISTA Testing, Tariffs, Clear Customs, Freight to Fulfillment Warehouse, Meetings with Nationwide Retail Buyers, Pre-Orders, Direct-to-Consumer Sales, Online Sales, Pitch your Product, Sell at ProductMentor National Trade Show Booth, Create Marketing Strategy with Brand Name, Professional Logo, Competitive Research & Strategic Channels, Email Formats to Retail Buyers, Website Design, Product Photography, Product Packaging, B2B Product Sales Brochure, Elevator Pitch, Pitch Deck to Raise Funding, Launch Checklist, Retail Terminology (to sound like a pro), Strategic Pricing from Wholesale, MSRP, MAP Pricing, Realistic Timeline, Realistic Guerilla Marketing Budget to work within your funds, Inventory Forecast Planning, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rate, ROI, PPC, SEO, AdWords, Amazon, Affiliate Marketing, Regulatory Standards, Guidelines for Patents & Trademarks, Assortment Extensions, Product Life Cycle & Generation II.


What DIFFERENTIATES Us From The Competition?

Looking at the scale above, it's clear what DIFFERENTIATES a launch partner like us from a licensing company that simply "shops your patent".


 Licensing rarely works unless you have sales. If licensing is your goal, your odds become much higher launching your product first. Read more here.



 About Us


Our mission is to empower ordinary people to live the American Dream.


We can partner at any stage and help you execute a customized plan for your situation and project.


Note: We do Not fund projects, but we can assist you to get financing or to raise the funds that will be needed.


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