What We Do

From market research to patents, to engineering and development, all the way to manufacturing and marketing – we literally do EVERYTHING from concept to nationwide launch.

Note: We do not fund projects, but we can assist you to raise the initial funds needed to support your launch.

Product Launch 2.0

  • Our proven 10 step process to launch or grow your product or app (battle-tested from thousands of launches)

  • Includes our current templates, worksheets, and checklists

  • Depending on your needs and budget, we can do some or all of the steps below "With You"

Step 1 - Conception

  • Elevator Pitch (90 seconds)
  • Professional Business & Email Standards
  • Product Launch Checklist

Step 2 - Validate or Pivot

  • Market and Competitor Research
  • Create Survey Questions
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Validate or Pivot
  • Develop a Strategic Distribution Channel

Step 3 - Patents & Trademarks

  • Patent & Trademark Search
  • Patent & Trademark Strategy
  • File Provisional Patent and/or Trademark

Step 4 - Licensing & Royalties

  • Licensing Best Practices
  • Licensing Strategies
  • Position for Licensing or a Launch

Step 5 - Design & Prototype

  • Establish Preliminary Design Requirements
  • Create a Spec Sheet or Tech Pack for Vendor Quotes
  • Create CAD Designs for Tooling and/or Wire Frames for Software
  • Create a Prototype

Step 6 - Calculate Your Numbers

  • Create Vendor Quote Form
  • Request Quotes (Manufacturer or App Developer)
  • Strategic Pricing Formula
  • Calculate Logistics/Fulfillment
  • Calculate Margins (based on landed cost)

Step 7 - Launch Plan

  • Develop Launch Timeline
  • Arrange Logistics for Shipment
  • Arrange Fulfillment Warehouse (receiving / drop shipping)
  • Create Detailed Budget
  • Inventory Forecast / Supply Chain Management
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy

Step 8 - Branding & Website

  • Maximize LinkedIn to Acquire Buyers / Investors
  • Create Your Brand Story
  • Strategic Brand Marketing / Consistent Messaging
  • Finalize Name and/or Professional Logo
  • Create Sales Sheets
  • Brand Website (design or revamp)
  • Product Packaging (design or revamp)
  • Create 90 Second Promo Video
  • Key Terminology for Retailers / Wholesalers

Step 9 - Sales & Marketing

  • Create Pitch Deck (summary of first 8 steps)
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Amazon Store (create or optimize)
  • App Store Listing (create or optimize)
  • Online Sales (Free Marketing, Paid Ads, Influencers, Email List Partners, Affiliates)
  • Offline Sales (Big Box Retailers, Catalogs, Direct Mail)
  • Booth in Key Trade Shows
  • Independent Sales Representatives

Step 10 - License or Launch

  • Review & Finish Product Launch Checklist
  • Zoom Meetings with Wholesalers, Retail Buyers, and Investors
  • Option 1: Licensing (Leverage pre-orders or sales to earn royalties)
  • Option 2: Launch (Manufacture product or build app)
  • Raise Additional Money (factoring, investors, credit)
  • Plan Product Life Cycle / Generation II

Access to our Industry Contacts

  • Industrial & Graphic Designers, Mechanical & Electric Engineers, Patent Attorneys, Factories, Retail Buyers, Sales Reps, Logistics & Fulfillment Partners, App & Website Developers, IT Developers, Marketing Agencies, Angel Investors, and more
  • ProductMentor Partnership Rates
  • Use our Service Providers and Save Valuable Time