How To Create a Social Media Strategy

marketing social media Sep 15, 2022

You can do a lot of customer testing on social media before you even launch your product or app.  

Social Media is something many entrepreneurs put off for too long. Not because they don't "want to" promote their business with social media - it's because they aren't sure "how to". The post will share some ideas on how to get your social media started for your business. 

Watch What Competitors Are Posting

What to post on social media is a question that bothers a lot of entrepreneurs. The default answer is nothing. 

A method developed called S.E.E. (Study, Engage, Educate) helps you understand and connect with your target audience without having a finished idea yet. 

Step 1:

Study. Save the information you discover. Check out Facebook groups, influencers, and do Google searches. Find out what your competitors are posting and what their customer's 'like'. After doing that for a few hours, you’ll start to understand the information your customer will consume. 

Step 2:

Engage. Like, comment, and share from your current personal profile. Blend in with your target audience and start building relationships. Be genuinely interested in your target audience and finding out what they like. 

Step 3:

Educate. Maybe you have an area of expertise you can share. Offer advice without talking about your idea. In this stage, you want to provide value, learn from others, and ask questions to understand your audience better. 

The S.E.E. method helps you figure out what your target audience likes and doesn’t like, what comments evoke the most engagement, and which influencers are making the biggest impact in your industry.

Secure Your Brand

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is purchase a domain name. Use a tool like godaddy.com to see if the name you thought of is available.  

Step 2:

The second thing is to get your social media channel names. If you can get them to be the same, that’s amazing. If not, add something to the beginning or the end. It doesn’t have to be an exact match with your domain name. 

At this point you are not adding your logo or description, you are only reserving your names. 

Step 3:

Next is logo design. People often think that branding is the colors they’re going to pick and the shape of their logo. But you decide what your brand stands for and how you want to make people feel about it. 

Plan Your Posts

Now you’ve set up your names, profiles, and branding, what can you post? Do your research and find out what questions people are asking and answer them.

On Quora you can see the exact way people ask questions. It doesn’t have to be about your product, you are just helping out. 

The other thing is the questions people should be asking about your solution and how it will solve their problem. See what is trending at the moment and connect it to your product and activity on social media. Create posts, memes, and videos to see what your audience reacts to the best. Ask them about what they like and don’t like. Get them to engage. 

Review all the images that represent your brand and pin down your look and feel. On Canva you can find a lot of templates. Finally, you set the tone and decide what you are trying to tell people and how. Are you formal, casual, or fun? What are the benefits your product or app will bring them? Be authentic. If you don't feel the approach you've chosen, try a different one.

And remember, have fun. Get creative and see what happens. There is always an edit and delete button.

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