ProductMentor Relocates to Texas To Strategically Position Itself and Its Clients

company Jun 20, 2021


Texas is becoming home to more and more high-profile businesses. It is a booming business hub and the largest exporter of all states. ProductMentor aims to stake its claim here as it recently relocated its headquarters to the acclaimed Lone Star State.

ProductMentor provides Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products and mobile apps. The esteemed business helps budding startups gain footing in the challenging business world using proven systems, connections, and little known launch hacks.

Recently, there has been a massive trend of entrepreneurs relocating their businesses to more favorable jurisdictions. The grass is greener if you know where to go. Hence, ProductMentor is capitalizing on this trend to broaden its horizons and impact on the world. This move to Texas is another stepping stone towards that bigger vision.

ProductMentor is famously known for helping with all the aspects of starting and launching a business venture as well as scaling it to greater heights. They focus on key areas that are vital for a startup’s long-lasting success.From patent protection, to fundraising, to app and product development, and industry connections, ProductMentor covers all the bases.

By ProductMentor relocating its headquarters from San Diego, California, to San Antonio, Texas, the company has aimed to serve a greater audience in better ways. Specifically, this move helps ProductMentor’s Joint Venture startups scale and reach bigger markets throughout the world.

“As an ambassador of entrepreneurship, we need to lead by example and migrate where it’s more conducive to do business and start companies,” said chief executive officer Mike Corradini.

However, despite the relocation, ProductMentor is still readily available for startups all across the United States and abroad. With a team of highly skilled experts at its disposal, it’s no surprise that the company is able to compete at a global level. The future holds a lot of promise for ProductMentor, and the company migration is just the beginning.

“I believe entrepreneurs should go where they are treated best. Texas allows us to operate with lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a lower cost of doing business which allows us to deliver even more value,” said Corradini.

“Our mission is as large as the wonderful state of Texas. That is to provide joint venture opportunities for inventors who want to license their product, entrepreneurs who want to launch their products or apps, and business owners who want to take their venture to the next level,” said Kody Knighton, chief operations officer of ProductMentor.

ProductMentor and its team have helped over 500 entrepreneurs start, launch, and grow their businesses. They educate and equip diverse individuals from different backgrounds to live life on their terms. The company’s ultimate goal has always been to help individuals build a business and a brand that fully aligns with their passion and lifestyle.


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