ProductMentor Wages War On Unemployment

company Feb 01, 2021


As the world comes closer to seeing the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, the economy continues to plunge. While millions are suffering from job insecurity and unemployment, one company is on a mission to help by teaching ordinary people how to create their own wealth. That company is ProductMentor, an online platform that provides training, mentoring, and joint venture opportunities to promising entrepreneurs. 

“We’re seeing record levels of people becoming entrepreneurs right now,” shares Product Mentor founder, Mike Corradini. “Some can’t find a job, others are on furlough, while some have high levels of job uncertainty. They all realize that now is the best time to start a business.”

ProductMentor’s CEO is a highly sought-after start-up mentor and business consultant with over twenty years of experience in the entrepreneurship space. Mike has successfully launched several seven-figure businesses and has assisted and guided over 2,000 clients to create their own economic stability.

Before starting ProductMentor, Mike Corradini served as the CEO and co-founder of IdeaPros®, an early-stage incubator program that managed over 250 start-ups. As the head executive of the company, Mike gained access to various partners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who have helped form the face of today’s tech and business industry. Most recently, he started ProductMentor as a way of passing on his experience and connections collected over the past two decades. 

ProductMentor maintains that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a golden opportunity for those with business ideas. “When people become too comfortable, they don’t take necessary risks to get ahead,” Mike shares. “The opposite is also true. When they are uncomfortable, they are more willing to take responsibility for their outcome.” Today, the team behind ProductMentor works double time to help more people step out of their comfort zone and become entrepreneurs. Even as more Americans face the brutal effects of the economic downturn, its hope is to turn tragedy into triumph for thousands of people with great business ideas.

As more people face financial crises due to the COVID-19 crisis, ProductMentor brings a practical solution to all who seek to take control of their economic future. “I believe there is an entrepreneur in all of us,” declares Mike. “And our mission is to empower everyday people to become successful entrepreneurs.” While you can’t control the pandemic or your job, you can control an online business.

ProductMentor hopes to give more aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to turn their brilliant ideas into reality. To learn more about ProductMentor, visit its website.


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