Sell Your Product On LinkedIn

marketing Feb 17, 2023

What if there was a place to open doors and create opportunities for your product or app?

The good news is, it exists! Let me reintroduce you to LinkedIn. 

When you use LinkedIn correctly, you can establish credibility for yourself to open doors for sales or collaboration. 

Establish Yourself

It's important to establish yourself as the creator of your product or app. When people know your product was invented by you and they know your story, an emotional connection is made to your product or brand.

It's not just another product on the market that is sold by an anonymous company. It is a product invented by a real person, someone just like them. 

When people know your story, it is easier to build a community behind you. If you do it right, they will even cheer you on and be there for you.

Putting your name out there with a product can also help establish you as the bonafide creator, in case anything ever comes up with another inventor or company. I have seen knock-off products and recognize them right away. I don't purchase knock-offs.

Build Credibility

Sharing your new product on LinkedIn gives you credibility and validity that you are who you say you are, and you do what your LinkedIn profile says. And between the lines it says you have passion and determination behind your project. 

You can use this credibility to advertise and promote your product or app, as well as you as an entrepreneur.

When the LinkedIn community and your industry sees your presence, you are building massive credibility. 

Open Doors

Once you have everything setup above, the real fun begins. You can connect with some amazing people - manufacturers, app developers, investors, retail buyers, and more.

Your LinkedIn presence could be the difference between launching your new project or not.  

I hope using LinkedIn has been as successful for you as it has for us. If you need any help selling your product on LinkedIn or anywhere else, contact us and let's get started!




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