The Product Mentor - Interview with Mike Corradini (Podcast)

podcast Jul 07, 2021


In demand startup mentor, consultant and dedicated entrepreneur Mike Corradini joins the show today to talk about how he has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses into the successful, systemized machines they so desperately desired. Together, Steve and Mike discuss the importance of having a mentor, the benefits of customer and business surveys and why following a specific framework can allow you to systemize your success.


Most people want push-button profits and do not want to work hard for them. Whilst the appeal to have people do everything for you is understandable, you have to learn how to do it yourself. Once you get your framework ironed out, you can run the business alone with the option for additional advice.

A lot of entrepreneurs will make something and then hope and pray that it sells. In some cases, there are a lot of existing business owners with mediocre sales but something is not perfectly aligned. In that case, you can always go back and challenge your assumptions and see if there is a better product-market fit out there.

Most entrepreneurs out there do not have the ‘sweet spot’. A great way to get feedback is to run consumer or business surveys. Survey Monkey is a great tool to use because it is virtual and also has demographic selections built-in.

If you do not have a coach, you are selling something that you do not believe in, it is a no brainer to be mentored. Find yourself a coach appropriate for the level you are at now and who has already walked the path that you are trying to get on and listen to their advice. Letting someone else make the mistakes first is a wise decision.

You absolutely can systemize your success. There are people out there who have never started their own business before, who have followed the system and get their desired result. Some people are inexperienced when they start out but they have faith in the systems and are able to put their egos to the side and admit that they need the help of systemizing to get them their results.


“Let's get some systems in place so that you don’t need me forever looking over your shoulder.”

“We want to find the best product-market fit before you actually finish or create that hiring curriculum.”

“Plugin with the right systems for your own benefit.”


ABOUT THE GUEST Mike Corradini is a highly sought-after startup mentor and consultant. For the past 20+ years, he has dedicated his life to the art of entrepreneurship. He has successfully launched numerous eight-figure businesses and has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs develop, fund, and grow their businesses. He has launched a multitude of successful business ventures himself from product development to financial lead generation, real estate investing, international seminars, and a brokerage. Much of his success can be attributed to having mentors throughout his life to show him what to do and what to avoid. Mike and his team managed over 250 startups so he teaches based on experience, not theory. Success leaves clues and ProductMentor™ is his opportunity to pay forward the enormous experience and treasures he has collected.


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