The Product Mentor - Interview with Mike Corradini (Podcast)

podcast Jul 07, 2021

In demand startup mentor, consultant and dedicated entrepreneur Mike Corradini joins the show today to talk about how he has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses into the successful, systemized machines they so desperately desired. Together, Steve and Mike discuss the importance of having a mentor, the benefits of customer and business surveys and why following a specific framework can allow you to systemize your success.


Most people want push-button profits and do not want to work hard for them. Whilst the appeal to have people do everything for you is understandable, you have to learn how to do it yourself. Once you get your framework ironed out, you can run the business alone with the option for additional advice.

A lot of entrepreneurs will make something and then hope and pray that it sells. In some cases, there are a...

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