14 New Products at The Inspired Home Show

trade shows Mar 11, 2022

The Inspired Home Show in Chicago this year was amazing! We are noticing audience sizes are starting to increase. 

Retailers and distributers are in negotiations on many of our items..

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Office Hours Podcast #297 - David Meltzer interviews Mike Corradini


David Meltzer interviews Mike Corradini on Office Hours Podcast #297 about why mentorship is one of the most important things in life.

David is the Co-Founder of Sports1 Marketing, host of "The Playbook" podcast, a three-time international best-selling author, a Top 100 Business Coach, and a world-renowned inspirational keynote speaker.

David's podcast "Office Hours" airs on Bloomberg Television, featuring the brightest millionaires, billionaires, and entrepreneurs, in business, sports, and entertainment to talk about success, failure, and everything in between.

David formerly served as CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire

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Launch Company to Begin Accepting Bitcoin and Crypto Payments

crypto Jan 20, 2022


Bitcoin and crypto adoption in the entrepreneur landscape is set for another explosive year as a leading U.S. launch company for startups adopts cryptocurrency as a payment option. An increasing number of people are using crypto to start businesses because of the massive gains seen last year.

ProductMentor™, a leading partner for inventors and entrepreneurs, has begun accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies as a payment option. This decision comes as more digital currency miners have been making attempts to use renewable energy to mitigate the impact on the environment.

ProductMentor provides Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products, mobile apps, as well as decentralized apps. They help with every step in the process, from A to Z, so you can get your project to market in less time, with...

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The Product Mentor - Interview with Mike Corradini (Podcast)

podcast Jul 07, 2021


In demand startup mentor, consultant and dedicated entrepreneur Mike Corradini joins the show today to talk about how he has helped over 2,000 entrepreneurs grow their businesses into the successful, systemized machines they so desperately desired. Together, Steve and Mike discuss the importance of having a mentor, the benefits of customer and business surveys and why following a specific framework can allow you to systemize your success.


Most people want push-button profits and do not want to work hard for them. Whilst the appeal to have people do everything for you is understandable, you have to learn how to do it yourself. Once you get your framework ironed out, you can run the business alone with the option for additional advice.

A lot of entrepreneurs will make something and then hope and pray that it sells. In some cases, there are a...

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ProductMentor Relocates to Texas To Strategically Position Itself and Its Clients

company Jun 20, 2021


Texas is becoming home to more and more high-profile businesses. It is a booming business hub and the largest exporter of all states. ProductMentor aims to stake its claim here as it recently relocated its headquarters to the acclaimed Lone Star State.

ProductMentor provides Done-With-You Joint Venture opportunities to help inventors and entrepreneurs license or launch physical products and mobile apps. The esteemed business helps budding startups gain footing in the challenging business world using proven systems, connections, and little known launch hacks.

Recently, there has been a massive trend of entrepreneurs relocating their businesses to more favorable jurisdictions. The grass is greener if you know where to go. Hence, ProductMentor is capitalizing on this trend to broaden its horizons and impact on the world. This move to Texas is another stepping stone towards that bigger...
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TOPIC: The Journey of a Startup Entrepreneur with Linda Hopkins

Revealed: Learn what it's really like to become a startup entrepreneur. Mike Corradini and Stephen Ritch will be interviewing Linda Hopkins, owner of The Rainbows End Daycare and a T-Shirt subscription business.

Watch video here:




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TOPIC: The Journey of a Startup Entrepreneur with Bryan Lawrence

Revealed: Learn what it's really like to become a startup entrepreneur. Mike Corradini and Stephen Ritch will be interviewing Bryan Lawrence, owner of Creepy Candles.

Watch the video here:



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TOPIC: How To Sell Your Product To Nationwide Retailers

Revealed: Learn the secrets to get your product into big box retail stores. Mike Corradini and Stephen Ritch will be interviewing Jed Jacobs, former VP/General Manager at Panasonic.

Watch the video here:



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TOPIC: How To Earn a Joint Venture With ProductMentorâ„¢

joint venture partnership Mar 04, 2021

Revealed: Secrets to know when it comes to landing a Joint Venture with ProductMentor™. Mike Corradini will be interviewing Kody Knighton, COO of ProductMentor.

Watch the video here:



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TOPIC: Why Most Apps Fail (and how to avoid them)

Revealed: How to avoid the most common reasons that apps fail. Mike Corradini, Founder and CEO of ProductMentor, will be interviewing Eshan Cheema, App Launch Expert.

Watch the video here:



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